Torch-Down Roofing Installation in Texas

Is torch down suitable for your commercial roofing needs? 

When looking for an appropriate roofing system to match your needs, one of the most important aspects to consider is longevity.  There are different roofing systems available these days and all of them have their own share of benefits and downsides.  A type of roofing that is gaining more popularity in the roofing industry these days is torch-down roofing.

The average life expectancy of this roofing system is 15 to 20 years.  However, it can also extend up to 30 years depending upon installation and maintenance.  If the installation project is handled by a professional roofer, the roof will endure the test of time.

Silverado Roofing Group, LLC is one of the top roofing companies that can provide you reliable torch-down roof installation.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service.  Our team of roofers has all the tools and experience to take care of your roof installation process.  From start to finish, we will handle all phases of your torch-down roofing project.

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What is torch-down roofing?

A torch-down roofing system is designed for low-angle or flat roofs.  It is a blend of two materials, modified asphalt, and resin.  These are the two primary materials that are melted using a torch to form a thick coating.  And this dense coating becomes a waterproof material that is ideal for your roofing needs.   Its name has been derived from the technique of its application, that is, by using a torch.  Some people confuse torch-down with tar and gravel.  However, they are completely different from each other.  Technically speaking, it is lighter than tar and gravel as it does not have gravel.  The absence of gravel also reduces the chances of it to clog the drains.  Another thing that distinguishes it from tar and gravel is the odor.  Tar and gravel can produce a very strong odor while it is applied.  The odor can even be harmful to your health.  And in torch-down application, the odor is tolerable.

What are the advantages of torch-down roofing?

The following unique benefits make torch-down a viable roofing option.

  • Strong resistance to tear and puncture – Many commercial property owners prefer to install torch-down roofing system as it is extremely durable and is a robust roofing option.  As it is robust, it offers great resistance to wear, tear and puncture.  Also, it needs less maintenance.  You can leave it as it for a longer time without worrying about its condition.  Although it does not require too much maintenance, you should not ignore proper and regular maintenance as it is a key to a long-lasting roof.
  • Excellent ultraviolet protection and insulation – Due to its airtight seal and exceptional material density, one of the unique benefits of torch-down roofing is its ultraviolet reflective competence.  Also, it is excellent at providing insulation to your property.  During warmer months, it helps in lowering the indoor temperature.  It will help in reducing the electricity bills because you will rely on your air conditioning less.
  • Excellent protection against water damage – Torch-down roofing comes with many excellent waterproofing properties.  You can count on this roofing system if your property is in an area prone to storms.  You need not worry about leaks, as the material is proven to be water tight.  The edges are completely sealed off, so your property is protected against water damage.

Licensed Roofers for your torch-down roofing installation project

Installation of torch-down roofing systems entails exceptional knowledge and extensive experience of using a blow torch.  The installation should be executed by those who understand the risks behind using a torch.  If the installation is not done properly, it can cause a lot of problems.  You should always consult a professional roofer such as Silverado Roofing Group, LLC for your roof project.

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