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Close your eyes and think of the word ‘roof.’  What images come to mind?  Chances are you are picturing the roof of a traditional house with a clear peak, and a sloped, shingled surface allowing for rain to roll naturally off into the gutters.  It is probably the roof of your own house or the house you grew up in.  Now if you open your eyes and take a look at the buildings around town, you will be surprised how many roofs look nothing like this.  Today, we no longer think the Earth is flat, but our roofs certainly are – especially in the case of commercial buildings.

A flat roof has a horizontal design, which is different from the typical sloped roofs.  The slope of a roof is also called its pitch, and flat roofs have a pitch of up to about 10°.  Flat roofs, or “low-slope” roofs, are also typically found on commercial buildings around the world.

If you’re looking for the best flat roof installation services in Texas, you’re at the right place!  Here at Silverado Roofing Group, LLC, we offer the most professional roofing services to both commercial and residential clients at affordable prices.

Our vastly experienced crew of licensed, trained technicians can repair and install all types of roofing to meet our clients’ preferences using high quality commercial and residential flat roofing materials.

We use the latest tools and equipment to ensure that our work is carried out in a timely manner with maximum efficiency.  Contact us for an on-site inspection and estimate.

Why should you install a flat roof on your commercial building?

When it is well maintained, a flat roof system is an effective solution for minimizing the cost of roof repair.  If you are constructing a new building or placing a new roof on an existing building, below are seven reasons to consider implementing a flat commercial roofing system:

Low Cost – Compared to an angled system that has shingles or metal panels, a flat system requires few construction materials.  Consequently, it typically costs less to purchase than an angled roof.  Fewer construction materials can also translate into reduced labor cost and waste removal cost.

Easy Access – Due to its minimal slope, a flat system is easier to access for maintenance and gutter cleaning.  This means that a building’s maintenance personnel may be able to perform certain tasks that would otherwise require the assistance of roof service.

Solar Panels – Large, horizontal surfaces are ideal for the placement of solar panels.  On angled versions, solar panels absorb less energy due to the roof’s angle in relation to the changing position of the sun.  Because solar panels lay almost horizontal on a flat style, they absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

Wind Resistance – Due to their level contour and seamless covering, flat commercial roofing systems provide better wind resistance than angled systems that have shingles or panels.  Over time, this resistance can result in less money spent on replacement materials and service calls to a roof repair company.

Lifespan – Depending on its composition, a flat roof system can last for over a decade.  As long as the materials are well maintained, systems composed of tar and gravel have been known to last for thirty years, and some tar and gravel systems are still in place from the early part of the twentieth century.

Green Roofs – A green version uses soil, grass, and plants to form an organic layer of insulation on top of the roof membrane.  In addition to improving the energy efficiency of a building, acting as a noise buffer, and making a building more attractive to employees, a green system can also increase the real estate value of a building.

Equipment Space – A flat system makes it possible to locate condensers, air handlers, and other HVAC equipment on top of a building instead of beside it or inside it.  Placing HVAC equipment on top of a building can be a valuable noise reduction strategy for buildings where HVAC equipment cannot be located on the ground or mounted on exterior walls.

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For all their benefits, flat roofs offer a unique set of challenges to the roofer.  Since the roof is not sloped, they do not allow for the natural runoff of rain and snow of more traditional roof designs.  They are more exposed to the harsh rigors of winter and summer weather and much more prone to pooling water.  Because of this, they do not typically last as long as their peaked and sloped counterparts.  The roofing material is much more likely to rip, tear and puncture leading to an increased likelihood of leaks and all the additional damage that entails.

Installing flat roofs requires a specialized skill set and this is where we come in.  We, here at Silverado Roofing Group, LLC, can provide your roof with the best materials for your specific job.  We know how to best flash, seal and drain the roof of your building.  We know how to accurately find hard to diagnose leaks.  With a history of success and knowledge of the local weather conditions that will batter your office, we can effectively fix a leaking flat roof or install a new one on your business property.


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If you need a commercial flat roofing system that can reduce the need for roof repair and provide a variety of practical benefits installed on your building, you can trust the roofing professionals at Silverado Roofing Group, LLC to fulfill your roofing needs.  Get in touch with Silverado Roofing Group, LLC via phone or email today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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