Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation

Why you should choose modified bitumen roofing for your Texas commercial roof

As a commercial property owner, you have to be 100% confident about the decisions you make.  This also takes into account your commercial roofing issues.  We know that different types of roofing materials are available on the market today.  Despite this, you should have the capability to identify the roofing material that matches your needs and priorities.

According to professional commercial roofing contractors, modified bitumen roofing is mainly used for flat roofing systems.  The expert roofers find flat roofs most suitable for commercial roofing system.  This is because they offer an extra space that businesses can use for various purposes.  And when it comes to maintenance, the flat roof provides easy access for repairs and upkeep.  The surface is safe and one can easily spot and locate any issues.

Silverado Roofing Group, LLC specializes in modified bitumen roofing.  You can get in touch with us if you want to know more about this roofing option or want to know which material is best for your commercial roofing needs.

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What is modified bitumen roofing?

Modified bitumen roofing consist of asphalt that is strengthened with fiber glass material and other modifiers.  The combination of all these materials results in maximum durability.   The roofing material is available in rolls that the technicians apply using hot and cold temperatures.  To make it more energy efficient, many commercial roofing contractors suggest coverings on the uppermost surface to generate a robust surface.  There are a number of methods available for installing this system.  It can be installed using a hot torch, a sealant-backed peel and stick rolls.

How can you recognize modified bitumen?

The best way to make out modified bitumen roof is to look at its material rims.  The roofing is thicker and the rims are properly sealed by heating with a torch.  It is great at resisting, breaking and tearing.  If you easily tear into the roofing edge material, you can be sure it is some other roofing material.

Benefits of modified bitumen roofing

  • Scratch Resistance – The main benefit that modified bitumen has over other types of roofing materials is that it is extremely scratch-resistant.  This is all because of the combination of fiber glass and the polyester reinforcement layers.  This property makes it an ideal choice for surfaces with high foot traffic, such as rooftop cafes.
  • Water-Proof – If we’re talking about best waterproof roofing options, modified bitumen roofing is one of the most suitable choices available.  It is naturally waterproof as it has several layers on the roof.
  • Energy Effectiveness – The zenith layer of a bitumen roof can provide cool roof characteristics, such as solar reflectance and thermal release.  It can also have the ability to reflect sunlight and release already absorbed heat.
  • Flexibility – If you are looking for a flexible roofing option for your commercial property, you should choose modified bitumen roofing.  And you need flexible roof as it is important for both impact resistance and temperature shifts.  Modified bitumen can expand and contract with much ease without any shape loss.
  • Durability – Modified bitumen is highly durable.  As they have high tensile strength, they cannot develop any kind of cracks easily.  They also can withstand extreme climatic conditions including wind, fire, and hail.
  • Easy Repair & Maintenance – If you choose a professional roofer for your roofing needs, you will have a professional installation.  Your roof will be durable and will last for decades.  And with regular maintenance, it will not be difficult for you to maintain your roof.  It is an excellent option for people who are not interested in performing extensive inspection and maintenance work around their rooftops.

Licensed Roofers to Install Modified Bitumen Roofing

With modified bitumen roofing you will get all the salient elements of any roofing option – sturdiness, performance, and affordability.  Call the experts at Silverado Roofing Group, LLC for your commercial roofing installation project.

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